Rissa Garcia

Born and raised in what was once considered the mecca of house music, New York City, Rissa Garcia caught the music bug at an early age. She grew up listening to all sorts of rhythms including Latin, jazz, R&B,soul, house, rock, disco and funk. Years later she made her way into the club scene and in the year 2000, she discovered a club called Vinyl with a DJ named Danny Tenaglia. She fell in love with the atmoshphere while falling even deeper in love with the music. "My soul just seemed to come alive & it completely engulfed me. From the lights to the vibe to the dark walls & sexiness in the air, this is exactly what I have been searching for, this was my Paradise Garage." Inspired by the man who poured his heart & soul into his music, along with many others who do the same, she began to collect records and learn the true art of the DJ. Her first gig back in 2004 was at a small lounge on NYC's Lower East Side where she received rave reviews. Since then Rissa has been lucky enough to have played some of the best venues in NYC, such as Cielo, Output,Santos Party House, Good Room, Black Flamingo, TBA and more. 

She currently runs her own imprint, NightChild Records, and has released over sixty EP's from producers across the globe. With some of her recent releases receiving support from Alexander Robotnik, Louie Vega, X-Press 2, Jus-Ed and more, she strives to offer a consistent quality synonymous with those who have an influence on her. She also the resident and founder of Dancing Room Only NYC, a nyc event brand catered to the love of dance.

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